Who We Are

Village Media operates a number of local news and community websites throughout Ontario. We focus on providing local stories written by local journalists to the communities that we serve. In addition to local news, our sites offer weather, events, obituaries, and a wide range of community information. We are proud members of the cities where we operate. We support local events, charitable causes, and recognize our neighbours’ achievements. We’re more than just news: Village Media is all about community.

Why Village?

Canadians remember that Heritage Minute portraying the origin of our nation’s name. “Kanata” is a Saint-Lawrence Iroquoian word that means “village.” Canadians may live in different communities coast-to-coast, but we are all connected. Whether it was through the last spike being driven into the Canadian Pacific Railway, or through communications networks that today bring the Internet to even our most distant communities, we’ve always been connected together as Canada … as a village.

For us, “Village” is the perfect word. We’re proudly Canadian. We love community. We love to tell stories and connect people in each of our communities. For us, the concept of Village brings us together… from the downtown core to the suburbs, from community to community, coast-to-coast.


We were born digital. Over 15 years ago, SooToday.com was started as a small website that provided local news in Sault Ste. Marie at a time when northern communities began to see a reduction in local news coverage. It was a simple concept that provided local content with an edge, and SooToday was very quickly embraced as demand for more local news began to grow. A couple years later, we took the experience we had gained and opened BayToday in North Bay. We were able to learn how to successfully grow a digital news organization beginning on day one.

Around the same time, another website was created by a competitor to fill the void left by the loss of the local TV station. Also focusing on local news but in a video format, LOCAL2’s precursor was cutting edge and ahead of its time offering local video news in 2003, years before YouTube even existed.

In 2013, SooToday acquired LOCAL2 in Sault Ste. Marie...and Village Media was born.

Village Media now fully owns and operates news sites in Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay, Timmins, Barrie, Guelph and Elliot Lake. We have exclusive online partnerships in Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Manitoulin Island and Halifax with leading publishers in each market.

Today the original site SooToday has become one of the largest online news sites you will find in any community this size, receiving over 80,000 unique visits per day from about 40,000 unique users.

We're Growing

Quickly. But we’re having a lot of fun at the same time.