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Collaborative partner networks

We work with our partners to generate new potential across the publishing spectrum. From shared libraries, licensing and technologies to editorial processes, reportage and sales we collaborate to build momentum, grow existing markets and open new ones respective to our shared interests.

We put into practice what we learn through operating our own successful local news network

Beyond the Villager platform license, we offer partner support & services such as:

  • Editorial strategy
  • Sales strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Analytics
  • Audience acquisition
  • Advertising & PR

Optionally, we also provide backoffice fulfillment services to partners, including: access to our in-house creative team, client administration, ad operations and invoicing & finance.

Villager, our community engine, is a purpose-built community news, information and advertising platform

Villager was designed as a convergent local publishing platform meant to integrate local news, community information and advertising into a single publishing and revenue generating platform.

One of the fastest, most responsive and stable platforms in the industry

Within hours, Villager can launch a natively integrated content management and publishing platform inclusive of user accounts, classifieds, comments, auctions, obituaries, intelligent polls, media library, voluntary pay, membership, lead generation, push notifications and business directories and a PWA (progressive web app).

From shared libraries, licensed technologies, editorial processes, fulfillment, data mining and sales, we collaborate with our partners to build profitable, sustainable local news sites in both new and existing markets.